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Doctor Credit

A smarter financial solution

If you don’t qualify for a bank loan and can’t afford to wait months to get approved, DoctorCredit.com is your loan solution. Our personal loans come with greats rates and offer fast funding: Applications can be completed online or over the phone and it only takes a few minutes, with funding as fast as a few business days.

We understand that a people need loans even if they are in a credit crisis. Unsecured personal loans for people with bad credit are designed to help people. Even though loans are easier to obtain for people with great credit, it’s still possible to secure an unsecured personal loan if you have bad credit. Once you fill out our quick secure online application we will match you with the best lender for you.

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Why choose Doctor Credit?

bad credit loans
Loans with Bad Credit

Most people believe that can not secure a loan because of their bad credit. Doctor Credit now makes it easy for you to secure a bad credit loan without all the hassle.

Instant Approval
Instant Approval

Our application process only takes minutes to complete and you can get a response instantly. There is no reason not to check and see what type of loan we can get for you.

award winning customer service
Award Winning Customer Service

Our customer service team is always available to take your calls or emails. We can answer any question you have about which loan is best for you.

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No Prepayment Penalty on Most Loans

If you're planning on paying off your loan early we can match you with a loan that requires no prepayment penalty. If you only need the loan for a short time this will be the best choice for you.


Unlike typical banks Doctor Credit is able to provide loans to people and businesses with a lower credit score. Doctor Credit gives you much needed flexibility with our lender options to best fit your needs. Doctor Credit can also provide instant approval on loans, so you don't have to wait to get the funds you need.

Interest rates are tied to the risk level our lenders attach to the borrower. We contact every lender for the best rates for our customers before moving forward. Your credit history will be reviewed to find find the best loan.

A Doctor Credit unsecured loan is a loan issued without collateral. Unsecured loans typically require a higher credit rating. Fill out our application form now to see if your loan with require collateral.

Most people think they can not get a loan if they have less than favorable credit. Doctor Credit is able to help you secure a personal loan for yourself or business even with bad credit. After you fill out your application Doctor Credit will let you know all of the options you never knew you had.

No! Filling out an application requires no obligation. The process only takes a couples minutes to find out what loans are available for you.

Here is how it actually works


Apply online in minutes using our Secure Online Application!


Once we receive you application we will match you with the best lender for the loan you need.


After you get approved we will direct deposit you money right away.


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